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Real Investments For Everyone

Partner with us on any of the following housing projects that deliver affordability (for consumers) and stable profitable returns (for partners)

Partnership Categories


BlockFarm is a business model that alleviates financial losses for potential homebuilders or individuals who are suffering due to the fast-depreciating cedi and the attending rising inflation in Ghana; BlockFarm smartly gives individuals a chance to rather hedge their monies in blocks: effectively maintaining (at the very least) the value of their money. Monies if otherwise left idle would have lost so much value over a few weeks or months. BlockFarm guarantees tangible, stable and profitable returns.


This solution helps tenants escape the hellish 24-36 months advance payment demanded by landlords. Tenants are able to pay their rent on monthly basis. No more 2-years advance deposit. This allows tenants to save some money and put it into other ventures.


Ghana is experiencing increasing demand for neat, accessible, and fairly affordable rental properties in urban and peri-urban areas. The rental property market is an assured area for us and our partners. We will put up such properties and manage them for stable returns.


One of the real estate market segments that give the fastest returns on investment is the commercial property space.


Free SHS and other government interventions have created a lot of opportunities-such as the establishment of hostels and dormitories.

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The protection and safety of your partnership, sponsorship, or investment is our priority. We have strict management procedures in place that make sure we give a good account of your relationship with us. Ask How

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