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FAQs-Before You Invest

What Is About?

It is a funding platform that gives people and organizations the opportunity to fund affordable and profitable projects geared towards improving the dire housing situation in Ghana.

Simply put, housing projects and other real estate investment opportunities are published here on for partners/investors (Individuals & Corporate bodies) to put their money in for returns. It is like giving out your money (as a loan) to support a real estate project and make a profit in the form of interest on your loan.

Which Investment Categories Are Available?

For detailed information about our focus areas, click Investment Categories

How Do I Partner A Project?

All available investment opportunities can be found here Current Projects

To Invest in one particular project, click on the project and read all the details including the projected financials. Once satisfied with the project click on the Back Campaign/Donate/Pay button to invest.

Once you click Back Campaign you will be taken to the payment page where you can checkout and complete the process.

If you need any assistance during the process call +233 59 929 2108 or email

How Do You Receive Monies From Partners?

We do not accept cash for investment in any of our projects. All monies from investors are funneled through our official bank account. Modes of receipt of money from investors include Bank Deposits, Cheques, Mobile Money and Debit/Credit Card payments.

How Much Money Do I Need to Begin Investing?

With GHS 1,000.00 you can begin to invest in our projects.

How Many Months/Years Before My Investment Matures?

Each project comes with a different investment maturity period. Generally, the projects fall within the Short-Long Term investment continuum.

Some Investments mature in 12 months while others can take well over 5 years. Please review the investment maturity date of each project so that you can invest in one that falls within your financial plan.

What Safety Measures Are There To Protect Investment?

Every pesewa of your money invested in any project is safe because we only invest your money in real asset projects that have assured returns.

FAQs-After You Invest

How Do I Receive My Investment Returns?

Depending on the project; returns (yields, interests, profits) on Investments are paid either monthly or yearly. Your returns are paid via the payment mode you designate during the Investor Contract signing process.

What Happens When My Investment Matures But I Don’t Receive Any Money?

Once your investment matures you should receive your interest payment. However, for whatever reason should there be a delay, take the steps stipulated in the Investor Information

How Many Projects Can I Partner Time?

There is no limit on the number of projects you can support or invest in. You are free to invest in as many projects as you can.

After Investing, How Can I Track The Progress of The Project?

Progress of a project can be tracked in the Updates section under each project. In addition to this, you will also receive weekly updates via your email. You are also encouraged to call or send emails to request any update you might urgently need.