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Investor Information

Ownership of

  • platform is owned by Housefunder-a registered subsidiary business entity under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. Housefunder is wholly owned by Rentchamber Group Limited; also a legally registered company under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. Rentchamber’s business registration certificate number is CS163432018. This information can be verified via the official website of the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana.
  • The names ‘Housefunder’, ‘Housefund Ghana’, ‘Rentchamber’, ‘Rentchamber Group’, ‘Rentchamber Group Limited’, ‘We’ or ‘Us’ may be used interchangeably; and they all mean the same-referring to either Housefunder or Rentchamber Group Limited-the legal entities that own and run the

Partnership Risks and Warnings

  • Housefunder is not an independent credit entity, an investment company, or a fund management company. However, we work with other certified institutions that provide sound investment advice and backing on our projects.
  • Partners are expected to consult their investment advisors before making any investment into any project listed. Investors are required to know what to do under the following risk scenarios:
    • Risk of not obtaining the expected return.
    • Risk of lack of liquidity to recover the investment, i.e. the sale of the stake in the project may not be fast. Generally, investments in housing projects are medium-long term, so delays may happen in liquidating assets to defray costs (such as the recovery of investor’s money).

Understanding How The Platform Works is an affordable housing financing platform. The platform connects individuals and corporate bodies offering money (as a loan) to support housing projects (that have good prospects) in exchange for returns on their money.

Basically, projects are published and prospective investors are invited to use their money to back the projects. All the costs and projected profit margins are stated in the project details. When the total expected money for the project is realized the project will begin and weekly updates will be given to all those who invested in that particular project. Depending on the type of project; investors may begin and continue to get returns on their money even before the project is completed. But usually, as it would have been indicated in the project details; once a project is complete and sold, rented or leased, investors get their capital back with agreed interest.

Generally, the investment opportunities (in projects) published on consists in the granting of participatory loans (by individuals or corporate entities) to Housefunder. All agreements will be signed between an Investor and Housefunder. All projects are executed by Rentchamber Group Limited and its partners.

The projects (investment opportunities) published on consists in the development, building or acquisition of real estate assets. Usually when an asset not developed by us is acquired (such as an uncompleted or defective building), the acquired real estate asset will have to be fully refurbished, in order to increase the value and profitability. Such assets acquired by us will be thoroughly scrutinized and all the legal and technical due diligence done.

Before a project is published on, the following steps are taken:

  • All the legal documentation is done or acquired: documents such as titles, indentures, certificates, insurance, MMDA permits, agreements etc are either done (in the case of a new property development) or acquired in the case of an existing structure such as an uncompleted building.

In the case of Rental Properties (that are to be leased and let on monthly basis) and commercial spaces, evaluations are done to ascertain the viability of the property. Also, all documentation regarding ownership of the property is done.

  • Financial and Technical Scrutiny:
    • A market study is carried out to ascertain the viability of the asset with regard to location and demand.
    • Concise economic and financial projection is done for the project in very strictly objective and conservation terms.
    • These financial and technical assessments are done by external consultants.

Opportunities and Investment Areas

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Customer Complaints and Protection

Partners, sponsors and investors can address their complaints or claims via the following email address:

Service Interruption

Website Interruption is a web-based platform that utilizes Internet systems. While we will do all we can within our power to make sure the platform is available to our stakeholders, we do not however guarantee continued or uninterrupted access or use of the web site. As a result, the system may eventually be unavailable due to unexpected events or major force, as well as technical difficulties or Internet failures, or due to any other circumstance beyond our control. In such cases, we will try to reinstate it as quickly as possible without Housefunder or Rentchamber being held liable.

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Collapse of and Its Operations

In the case that the platform ceases to operate or exist for any reason, the contractual relationship between Housefunder (Rentchamber Group Limited) and the Investor shall be finished in accordance with the provisions as stated in the Rentchamber Investor Contract.

As a general information and unless otherwise stated, If Housefunder decides, for any reason, to cease its activity, it shall give advance notice to investors and stipulate in such written notice the procedure for recovery of investor’s money.

In the event that we fail to trigger the above mechanism, investors would have to reach out to us directly.

Procedures to Counter Fraud and Operational Risks.

Housefunder will take all the following necessary actions to avoid or minimize the risks we may encounter:

  • Minimizing Fraud Risks:
    With the possibility of fraud occurring in both the internal and external spheres of our business, we have the following procedures and measures we follow:

    1. Before publishing a project or business opportunity, we will carry out an identification of the asset and asset owner. Government and third-party resources are leveraged to do background checks on properties and ownerships.
      • Analysis of the market in which the project (or property) is or will be sited is carried out-including prices and profitability.
    2. We on regular basis review our systems to detect the operations that are carried out using the website to prevent fraudulent use by our employees and investors.
  • Minimizing Operational Risk:
    1. We regularly approve and review the framework we use for operational risk management-that include an enterprise-wide definition of operational risk and sets out the principles for defining, assessing, monitoring and controlling this type of risk.
    2. We conduct internal audit of our processes to verify that they are efficient.
  • We also perform all of the following tasks as additional risk mitigation measures:
    • Verification of compliance with management controls.
    • Establishment of safeguards to access and use assets and files.
    • Identification of lines of business or products in which performance falls far short of what is reasonably expected.
    • Regular checking and reconciliation of Housefunder operations and accounts.

Capital and Interest Recovery Procedures

The claim of Monthly, Quarterly, and other Periodic Interests:

If the due date for payment of the Investor’s interest is reached and we fail to make a payment or pay only part of the amount due, you (the investor) will be contacted immediately to clarify the reasons for the default. We will engage you (the investor) on a new payment date which should not be more than 30 working days.

Resolution Procedures

  1. Resolution Clauses
    The following are resolution clauses in relationship between Housefunder and the Investor:

    1. Failure of the Investor’s payment of fees or expenses, if any, that may be due.
    2. The Investor’s failure to comply with the obligations to provide information via
  • Any other breach by the Investor of these Terms and Conditions or of the commitments assumed by the Investor throughout the platform in the process of registration.
  1. Resolution Consequences
    Once the contractual relationship between Housefunder and the Investor has been finished; the following effects will occur:

    1. The Investor must pay all the amounts owed to Housefunder, if any.
    2. Housefunder will remove the Investor from the platform.
  • The end of these Terms and Conditions shall not affect the clauses relating to:
    • Liability regime;
    • Confidentiality;
    • Intellectual property;
    • Data protection;
    • Indemnities;
    • Dispute resolution.
  1. The Investor shall indemnify Housefunder and its directors, officers, agents, affiliates, associates and employees against any losses or costs, including reasonable legal fees, incurred as a result of or in connection with any breach by the Investor of these Terms and Conditions or any law or right of a third.
  1. Investor Voluntary Resignation
    The Investor may request Housefunder at any time the voluntary resignation from the platform. In this case, Housefunder must be notified via and we will proceed to cancel the contract within a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the time when the disinvestment is formalized.Note: The consequences of resolution foreseen in the previous section may not be applicable in the case of voluntary resignation from the investor’s part.If the Investor has signed one or more Contracts with us in relation to different Investment opportunities, these may not be ended except the ones that are in accordance with the provisions of these Contracts.

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