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Monthly Rental Project

Monthly Rental Project 2021


In Accra and other major cities in Ghana, landlords demand up to 24 months’ rent advance deposit from Tenants. 

Thankfully, Rentchamber has been rolling out its unique MONTHLY RENT solution-which is giving a lot of hope and peace of mind to tenants. Our monthly rent solution makes it possible for well-qualified tenants to rent a property and pay rent on monthly basis. The way it works is that Rentchamber acquires rental properties from landlords and then sub-lets them to prospective tenants. The tenants then pay their rent (with a small added margin) to Rentchamber on monthly basis.

We currently have over 300 pending applications for this service and that keeps increasing. Partner with us so we can make this service available to more potential tenants. Our partners get good returns on their money as this solution is stable and highly scalable. Let’s solve Ghana’s housing challenges together.


Project Details

There are currently over 200 applications for monthly rental properties. We are raising money to enable us to acquire Single Rooms or Chamber & Hall Self-contained properties that we can rent out to the most qualified applicants.

Funding Target

We are raising a total of GHS 144,000.00 to cover the 12-month lease cost of 20 units of standard Single Rooms or Chamber & Hall Self-contained properties.

One property: GHS 600.00 x 12 months = GHS 7,200.00
Twenty properties: 20 x GHS 7,200.00 = GHS 144,000.00

Investment Details

Share” means the minimum investment or donation amount needed to partner us.

Number of Shares Available: 20
Value of Each Share: GHS3,600.00
Minimum Share Purchase: 2

Projected Returns

Investment Term: 2 Years
Annual Returns: 18-20%
Yield Payment: Every Quarter
Capital Repayment: Last Month of Investment Term
Investment Security: Asset-Backed


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